what’s that on your face?
(or, why you should wash before applying skin care products)

There are so many reasons why you might skip washing your face before bed …

“I’m too tired to do my whole routine, so I’ll just slap on my night serum and hit the hay.”

“I didn’t wear makeup today so I can skip cleansing and put my serums on before bed.”

“I washed my face last night before I went to sleep, so I don’t need to wash again in the morning; hand me my HA.”

But you really shouldn’t. And here’s why:

There’s more on your face than you think.

Think about it — yesterday’s skin care products, sunscreen, sweat, makeup … Even when you go makeup free, the environment’s got you. Dirt, bacteria, pollution, and other things in the air around you end up on your skin. Those things wreak havoc of their own, and when you apply skin care products without washing away the yuck, you’re just sealing it in. Then that extra layer prevents your skin care products from doing their job.

The thing to do is to just wash your face. Of course, choosing a cleanser with safe, non toxic ingredients is imperative. Pure Haven offers two amazing face cleansers that are highly effective without the toxic tradeoffs:

  • refresh cleanser with pre+probiotics: Good for all skin types, this antioxidant-rich cleanser gently removes impurities and preserves hydration, leaving your complexion feeling fresh and balanced, and looking younger. It’s made with pre+probiotic ingredients that defend against environmental stressors and provide superior moisture and support for your skin’s microbiome.
  • clear up cleanser: Good for all skin types but especially effective for problem skin. This mild, non-drying cleanser leaves skin feeling clean and smooth and looking clear, with reduced inflammation and redness. It’s made with innovative ingredients like aspen and willow bark extracts, which have natural salicylates that help with exfoliation and cellular renewal for a clear, smooth complexion. It can be used daily on even the most sensitive skin.

And what about those days when you just can’t wash your face for whatever reason? You’re better off skipping the rest of your routine, too. It’s better than layering fresh products on top of dirty skin. Skipping the routine just once in a while won’t hurt.

Ask your Pure Haven Consultant about our non toxic facial cleansers and other skin care products for the ideal skin care routine today.