are your spring cleaning methods environmentally sustainable?

Who wants to spend time on spring cleaning when they can be out enjoying the warmer weather?

Some might choose disposable products to help them get through those spring cleaning tasks quicker. There’s nothing wrong with wiping up messes with paper towels that can be easily tossed in the trash or eating off paper plates so that we can skip dish washing. Or is there?

Although it may cast the illusion of convenience and time savings, today’s disposable, one-and-done products have a serious impact on our environment. Constant manufacturing of those products is depleting precious renewable resources and spewing toxins into the atmosphere, while the disposal of them leads to overflowing landfills and polluted water, soil, and air. Nothing is convenient about that.

They key to ensuring your spring cleaning methods are environmentally sustainable is in choosing reusable …

  • cleaning gloves instead of disposable gloves
  • dish cloths instead of sponges
  • towels instead of paper towels
  • microfiber dusting mitts and cloths or fabric rags instead of disposable dusters
  • cloth rags instead of cleaning wipes
  • string or cloth mop heads instead of throw-away floor wipes
  • toilet brushes instead of disposable wand attachments
  • dishes, cups, and flatware instead of paper and plastic plates and utensils
  • dryer balls instead of fabric softener sheets

Just as important as choosing reusable tools is choosing safe, non toxic cleaning products. After all, sending toxic chemicals down the drain and into the air can be just as detrimental (if not more so!) as overflowing landfills.

Pure Haven offers a full line of non toxic products for your family’s needs, including all you need for spring cleaning. The products in our home collection are made with only safe, effective ingredients. This collection includes:

Ask your Pure Haven Consultant about these and other products to help you with your day-to-day household routines, as well as skin care, body and hair care, and more, all without the toxic trade off that comes with many traditional products. Then you can spring clean (and summer, fall, and winter clean, too!) without worry!