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A beautiful young ethnic woman fighting cancer and wearing a head wrap embraces her sister. They are tightly holding each other and she is looking down and smiling. Her sister is also smiling. They are standing outdoors and there are mountains and trees in the background.

Which Home and Personal Care Product Ingredients Could Cause Breast Cancer?

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Simple Steps for Starting Your Journey Toward a Non Toxic Lifestyle

While the toxins above are certainly worthy of your attention, there are still more to beware of. Consult our list of ingredients to avoid when shopping for home and personal care products for your family. These toxins are found in everything from makeup, moisturizers, bath and shower products, and diaper rash ointment, to laundry detergent, dish soap, stain removers, surface cleaners, and more.
Don’t wait for a dire diagnosis to make the change to fresh, safe, and toxin-free. After all, there’s no time like right now to be proactive about the health and safety of ourselves and our loved ones.

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Keep Your Children Safe: Avoid Cancer-Causing Toxins