what are sub ingredients and why are they important?

what are sub ingredients and why are they important?

Pure haven is all about safe ingredients. We ask our suppliers the tough questions about the ingredients and sub ingredients they provide so that we can be confident about making products you can feel good about using and sharing with your family and others.

What are sub ingredients? Those are the ingredients within an ingredient. Sub ingredients are often hidden on a product label, captured within another ingredient name (like the dreaded “f word”: fragrance!). When pure haven sources ingredients, we ask about sub ingredients to make sure we know everything about what’s inside our products.

Fragrance is known for containing a variety of harmful sub ingredients. Fragrance is composed of any number of undisclosed chemicals that are not required to be divulged on product labels because companies are legally allowed to use the term “fragrance” to protect their trade secrets instead of telling customers what’s really in their products.

Some of the most used sub ingredients in fragrance are on our ingredients to avoid list, including:

Phthalates: linked with birth defects, breast cancer, diabetes, obesity, autism, and ADHD
Parabens: endocrine disruptors, which mimic estrogen, linked with breast cancer, allergic reactions, and skin rashes
Ethanol: prenatal exposure may have detrimental effects on brain development
You’ll never see fragrance on a pure haven ingredient label. What you will see is ingredients like essential oils and aromatic extracts that contribute an amazing scent, safely.

Click here to watch a helpful video about our safe, non toxic, fragrance-free ingredients, including those in our limited release pear vanilla collection* consisting of moisturizing hand soap, shampoo, and deep conditioning hair mask. These products are made with extracts of pear and vanilla fruit, plus apricot, apple, lemon, orange, and pineapple, to create a warm, comforting scent.

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