are your wellness products keeping you well?

are your wellness products keeping you well?

Everyone is coming down with something this season — cold, flu, allergy, COVID-19 … If you find yourself in need of wellness products to help your family feel better, make sure the products you choose are safe.

Sounds crazy, right? But many store-bought wellness products contain ingredients that could cause more harm than good. Here are a few harmful ingredients commonly used in wellness products that you’ll want to stay away from:

Camphor: linked with potential liver damage, seizures, and skin sensitivity1
Menthol: linked with eye and skin irritation2
Petrolatum: linked with cancer, skin irritation, and allergies3
The good news? You can shop pure haven worry free, confident that there are no harmful ingredients in our products. All pure haven products contain only safe, effective, non toxic ingredients. The safe ingredients in our winter wellness products include:

Eucalyptus: A common ingredient in cold and cough products, eucalyptus is known for its ability to relieve symptoms like congestion, cough frequency, nasal congestion, and headache by decreasing inflammation and mucus buildup.4
Rosemary: This ingredient helps to reduce inflammation and ease muscle aches and pains associated with cold and flu.5
Copaiba: A powerful antioxidant that promotes immune and respiratory support immune health, copaiba oil can also help with muscle pain. Inhaling it can improve emotional well-being and reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. 6
Tea Tree: The benefits of tea tree oil include its strong anti-fungal, anti-microbial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties.7
Click here to see what some users had to say about our safe, non toxic, limited release winter wellness collection, including cold relief mist, cold relief body wash, body and chest cold relief cream, and soothing chest rub. These products join our in-catalog wellness collection items (headache stick, sleepy body oil, cbd comfort oil, and comfort oil) through February 28, 2022, providing families with safe, reliable wellness alternatives to the many toxic products shamelessly peddled by corporate America.

Contact your pure haven Consultant today for more information about our wellness products and other everyday items to help you protect your family.


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