the three keys to keeping your non toxic resolutions

the three keys to keeping your non toxic resolutions

Resolution check! How are you doing with yours?

It’s okay if you’re struggling. It’s said that about 80% of people who make resolutions fail to stick to them longer than six weeks. That means this is a good time to check in and make adjustments to ensure you stay on track.

Immediate, visible change fulfills our need for instant satisfaction, making a resolution easier to follow through on, but that’s not always the way things go. Any resolution is feasible, but they do take time and persistence.

If you’re ready to make your non toxic resolutions a reality, check out these three keys to keeping them:

Make sure your resolution is realistic: If your resolution is too wide-sweeping — say, removing all non toxic items from your life — it may be unrealistic to expect you’ll make progress right away. Such a broad resolution may take years to accomplish. Instead, focus on one daily routine or one room in your home that you can work on switching to non toxic. Once you’ve accomplished that, move on to the next one.
Make your resolution specific and measurable: Rather than say, “I’m going non toxic in 2022,” or “I’ll be more mindful of ingredient labels,” try something more specific and measurable. For instance, try swapping out just one toxic product a week for a non toxic one, or promising to read the label on any new product you pick up at a store. These resolutions will help you make small, achievable steps toward overall non toxic living.
Maintain patience and positivity: Give yourself time to make progress on your resolution and give your resolution time to show results. You may not see the difference going non toxic makes in your life right away, but it’ll pay off in the long term. In fact, studies show that the “invisible” results of non toxic swaps are indeed happening. A study of 100 Latina teens who switched to clean cosmetics for just three days showed a significant drop in hormone-disrupting chemicals in their bodies. You’re not likely to have the means to actually test yourself for a drop in hormone-disrupting chemicals. You must simply trust that it’s happening. In the meantime, when you switch to pure haven you may notice the visible results of our skin care products (a reduction in dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, redness, and irritation) and the subtle benefits of using truly clean products throughout your home (less respiratory distress and irritation to skin and eyes).
In short, don’t give up on your non toxic resolution. Stick it out for at least six weeks and see where you are in your journey. Remember that small changes can make big differences, even if you can’t “see” them right away.

Want more tips and suggestions for non toxic living in 2022 and beyond? Contact your pure haven Consultant today!