three toxic products that can destroy summer fun and the one thing you can do to avoid them

Have you been looking forward to summer all year? Planning a bunch of fun activities for yourself and your family? Before you embark on those plans, here’s a gentle reminder about commonly used summertime products that can sideline the fun.

Three toxic products that can destroy summer fun:

  1. Insect repellent: Yes, bugs can be annoying and their bites are itchy. But the ingredients in many insect repellents can have a grave impact on your health. The most infamous of these is DEET, which has been associated with neurological damage and can melt plastic, rubber, and vinyl. Do you really want DEET on your body?
  2. Sunscreen: While it’s super important to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays, protecting yourself from the harsh ingredients used in many sunscreens is equally important. Chemical sunscreens can contain known endocrine disruptors that are harmful for you and precious marine life like our endangered coral reefs.
  3. Shaving creams/gels. Many of us shave more body parts more often in the summertime. Unfortunately, many shaving cream/gel manufacturers utilize harmful ingredients like glycols, sulfates, and fragrance in their formulations.

But don’t fret! All is not lost. It is possible to protect your summer fun.

The one thing you can do to avoid those toxic products: Get 100% non toxic products from Pure Haven!

Pure Haven offers non toxic insect repelling, sun protection, and shaving products — and so much more! All our products are made with only the safest ingredients from vendors that must adhere to our super-strict purity standards. We make it easy for you to avoid toxins because we avoid them first. How’s that for protecting your summer fun?

Ask your Pure Haven Consultant about the outdoor and everyday products mentioned here and other safe, non toxic must-haves for summer and beyond.