the perfect 3-step system for clear skin

the perfect 3-step system for clear skin

The perfect three step system for clear skin is simple:

  1. Cleanser, because clean skin is imperative to clear skin.
  2. Toner, because a balanced complexion is a clear complexion.
  3. Serum, because you need to target the tough spots (and sometimes all over is a tough “spot”).

But it’s not just the three steps that make it perfect. It’s also three very important “non” characteristics:

  1. Non toxic: You don’t have to sacrifice your health to achieve clear skin. Pure haven’s clear up skin care collection is made from 100% safe, non toxic ingredients like willowherb, cucumber, sage, avocado, green tea, lemon, and more.
  2. Non drying: An oily complexion that’s treated with drying products is only going to overcompensate, producing more oil to make up for the oil being stripped away. Clear up is formulated with innovative ingredients that help balance your complexion, nourishing and soothing skin as it clears.
  3. Non stress: Stress only leads to more breakouts. Clear up is completely non stress — no stress about how many products to use, when to use them, or whether those products contain toxic ingredients.

Beyond that, it doesn’t hurt to boast three (at least three!) amazing results:

  1. Reduced inflammation and redness
  2. Improved appearance of pores.
  3. Less oily/shiny.

So if you’re struggling with your complexion and looking for the perfect 3-step stem for clear skin, look no further! Consider pure haven’s 3-step clear up system, specially formulated to help care for problem skin and provide real results without the toxins. For more information about these and other pure haven skin care products for you and your family, talk with your pure haven Consultant today.