how to keep baby safe from the start

how to keep baby safe from the start

Maybe you’ve set up a home that’s purely toxin-free, with only products made with safe, harmless ingredients, or maybe you’ve never given it a thought. But now there’s a new little human on the way and all you can think about is how to keep them safe and protected.

If you’re shopping the big box stores or online retailers, it’s not easy to find products for your home and family that are guaranteed safe. Product labels and descriptions can be misleading, using greenwashing terms like “natural,” “green,” or “chemical free” to trick consumers into believing they’re harmless and even healthier than other products out there when they’re actually loaded with toxins.

No worries when you shop pure haven. Our products are 100% non toxic, made with only the safest, purest, most effective ingredients available, to help you keep baby safe from the start.

  • Keeping baby safe starts before baby’s even born, with safe, non toxic products for mom. The perfect gift for expecting parents, our mom balm and mom & baby body oil are wonderful for nourishing mom’s skin during and after pregnancy, helping to hydrate skin and minimize the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Once baby arrives, those products can be used for baby as well, along with softly scented baby wash & shampoo for a head-to-toe clean, no-rinse baby bottom wash for cleaning baby’s diaper area as well as messy hands and face on the go, and FDA-registered baby diaper rash cream made with 14% non-nanoparticle zinc oxide to treat and prevent diaper rash discomfort by providing a soothing, protective moisture barrier.

Of course, a safe home for baby goes beyond baby products. Pure haven is the first and only company in the United States to provide a full line of completely safe, non toxic products for your family. Shop with us worry free and use our products with confidence, not compromises, knowing that not just your newborn but all your loved ones are protected in every stage of life. Get all the details (including ways to save on pure haven products) from your pure haven Consultant today.