five quick tips for a healthy scalp

five quick tips for a healthy scalp

You know what they say, “healthy scalp, healthy hair!” (Okay, maybe no one else does, but we do!) Your scalp is the garden in which your hair grows. Take care of your scalp and a gorgeous mane will bloom!

What does a healthy scalp look like? It’s well hydrated, free of flakes and redness, and there’s no pain when brushing. If you’re experiencing itching, burning, bumps, extreme oiliness, dandruff, hair loss and breakage, redness, and pain, a scalp care reassessment is overdue!

Scalp care isn’t a chore. It’s self-care time that you deserve! Take this time to slow down and pamper yourself. Here are five quick tips to get you started on your way to a healthy scalp:

  1. Eat a balanced diet that includes antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables.
  2. Use gentle, non toxic hair care products. No sulfates, parabens, or fragrance that can have a seriously negative impact on your scalp health.
  3. Give yourself a soothing scalp massage (no scrubbing!) while shampooing and conditioning with supergreens shampoo and conditioner to help remove dead skin cells and encourage circulation. (And just because it feels nice.)
  4. Apply supergreens scalp treatment after washing to nourish scalp with vegetable proteins, pea peptide, rosemary, and mint. Massage into scalp and style your hair as usual.
  5. Use a natural bristle brush to brush at least once a day to remove tangles, stimulate circulation, and distribute natural oils throughout hair.

For more information about pure haven hair and scalp care products and other non toxic products for you and your family, talk with your pure haven Consultant today.