the number 1 reason you should be using a toothpaste with prebiotics

the number 1 reason you should be using a toothpaste with prebiotics

Your microbiome is the collection of microorganisms living in or on your body. There are different groups of microorganisms (bacteria) at home in various areas of your body, including on your skin, respiratory tract, gut, gums, and teeth. Don’t get grossed out. When kept in check, those microorganisms have a positive effect on your health.

One way to keep your oral microbiome balanced and healthy is to use a toothpaste with prebiotics. Sugary foods and refined carbs throw off the healthy bacteria in your mouth and cause decay. Prebiotic toothpastes help keep that bad bacteria from creating chaos. Prebiotics help support and nourish a healthy balance of oral bacteria, in turn helping to support the wellbeing of other bodily systems.

According to studies outlined in a 2018 review, the state of your oral microbiome is associated with your overall health. After all, the oral microbiome is the entry point to your respiratory and digestive tract. If something goes wrong there, it can contribute to a variety of health issues.

In short, a toothpaste with prebiotics could help you avoid negative implications for your overall health.

Pure haven has gone beyond the addition of prebiotics, also adding charcoal to our new toothpaste. Our charcoal toothpaste with prebiotics can help you not only achieve better oral health but also a whiter smile.

As an ingredient in toothpaste, charcoal may help to remove surface stains, whiten teeth naturally, and improve bad breath.

Start and end your day by brushing with pure haven charcoal toothpaste with prebiotics and enjoy endless benefits! Ask your pure haven Consultant for details.