why using non toxic household cleaners is more important now than ever before

why using non toxic household cleaners is more important now than ever before

Using non toxic cleaners has always been important, but now more than ever, people want to protect their family members, and pure haven is here to help you do that by providing non toxic products and peace of mind.

Traditional store-bought household cleaners are often manufactured using a variety of harmful ingredients, like parabens, siloxanes, and glycol, known endocrine disruptors, and synthetic colors and dyes that may contain carcinogenic substances. Why would anyone want to spread those ingredients around their homes, putting their loved ones at risk?

Think about the floors your baby crawls on and your kids play on, the counters and tabletops your family eats from, and the clothes and linens you sleep in. Wouldn’t you like to clean those surfaces without fear of dangerous toxins? You can with pure haven.

Pure haven home includes everything you need to keep a clean home. From our multi-tasking scrubbing cleanser and master blaster to more specific task-focused products like laundry detergent, dish soap, and dishwasher detergent, every pure haven product is made with safe, non toxic ingredients that you can feel good about sharing with your loved ones. No more toxic chemicals and noxious fumes. Clean house safely with fresh products and the subtle scent of real ingredients.

To help you get started, for the month of September 2020, pure haven is offering a FREE 6-oz sweet orange scrubbing cleanser with any purchase of $95 or more. This limited-release product is perfect for tough cleaning jobs around the house, including bathroom sinks, tub and tile, kitchen counters, and more. Ask your pure haven Consultant for details about this offer and our entire pure haven home collection, and place your order to take advantage of this free Customer special today!