how adding the right scents to your morning routine can help get your day started

how adding the right scents to your morning routine can help get your day started

There are certain smells that just say “rise and shine.” Think coffee, or maybe a sizzling hot breakfast. When that aroma wafts your way, it’s a little easier to jump out of bed.

But when you’re the one who has to brew the coffee or crack those eggs, what gets you up? How about the smell of citrus or a little taste of peppermint?

Smell is the strongest of the senses, connecting with the parts of the brain where memories are stored and prompting certain reactions, like the desire to get your day started! If you need a little something to get you going, try aromatherapy in the shower, on your toothbrush, or on your wrists. Here’s how:

  • Citrus helps invigorate and create a sense of happiness, so start your day with sweet orange in your shower. Sweet orange shampoo, conditioner, and bar soap will help energize you while cleaning and moisturizing from head to toe.
  • Rosemary and peppermint both contribute to alertness. Stimulating rosemary gets the mind moving and invigorating peppermint is known to rejuvenate the senses, helping you think more clearly and effectively. These super ingredients are used to create our supergreens shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, and scalp treatment.
  • Peppermint is also an amazing breath freshener, perfect for getting rid of morning breath. Brush with pure haven toothpaste or charcoal toothpaste with prebiotics before greeting your family and you’ll be getting your day — and theirs! — started on the right foot.
  • Jasmine’s sweet romantic notes are said to have mood-lifting properties. Try a spritz of our signature scent, pure eau de toilette, on pulse points to get you going in the morning and reapply throughout the day whenever you need a little pick-me-up.

Before you know it, that alarm clock chime will become a welcoming wakeup, reminding you that enjoyable aromatherapeutic pure haven products are awaiting to help you start your day. Ask your pure haven Consultant about the products mentioned above and others that are perfect for incorporating into your morning routine.

Go get ‘em, sunshine!