six safe spring cleaning swaps

six safe spring cleaning swaps

Spring cleaning a chore? Never! We see it as the perfect opportunity to go non toxic!

This season, do a deep clean that goes beyond the ordinary. Take your spring cleaning next level by swapping out harmful, typically toxic products for safe, trustworthy, non toxic options that you can feel good about using in your home and around your loved ones. (And even feel good about getting your family members using to help out with spring cleaning!)

Here are six safe spring cleaning swaps to help get you started with a non toxic clean up:

  1. Freshen up furniture, mattresses, and linens with master blaster, made with natural enzymes for reliable efficacy. Replaces: Febreze
  2. For ongoing freshness and odor relief, simply spritz our non toxic master blaster or monster spray into the air throughout your home now and then.Replaces: Glade Room Sprays and Plug-ins
  3. Wipe down windows and mirrors with a soft cloth and pure haven glass cleaner for a safe, streak-free sparkle. Replaces: Windex
  4. Pure haven’s mildly abrasive non toxic scrubbing cleanser is perfect for tough cleaning jobs on bathroom sinks, tubs, and tile, kitchen counters, range hoods, and more. Replaces: Soft Scrub
  5. A little pure haven dish soap and water or surface cleaner in your spray mop works just as well, if not better, no toxins necessary.Replaces: Method Squirt + Mop
  6. Made to absorb dirt and odors, our dry shampoo does double duty as a gently scented carpet cleaner. Simply sprinkle, let sit for a few, and then vacuum.Replaces: Pet Fresh

Other spring cleaning tasks on your to-do list? Your pure haven Consultant can help you steer clear of products containing questionable and downright dangerous ingredients. Shop worry free with pure haven, where we do the label deciphering and ingredient homework for you so you can keep your home truly clean, healthy, and toxin free.