laundry static struggles solved with conditioner and detangler

laundry static struggles solved with conditioner and detangler

Staticky hair is a huge problem for a lot of people during the dry winter months. Pure haven conditioner and detangler can help. Keeping hair conditioned and applying just a few sprays of detangler over your ‘do when needed does the trick.

But what about staticky clothing? After washing clothes with pure haven laundry detergent, many of our Customers and Consultants are using pure haven conditioner and detangler to solve the static issue. The moisturizing ingredients in these products work to soften fabrics and reduce static in your laundry. They also eliminate the need for a traditional fabric softener or dryer sheet, both of which may contain ingredients with the potential to be harmful to your health.

Here’s what they suggest:

  • “Spray detangler on a damp washcloth and toss in dryer as a safe, non toxic dryer sheet. Can add one of our essential oils to the washcloth, too.” — Susan M.
  • “Spray detangler on dryer balls to help reduce static.” — Rachael S.
  • “I spray detangler in the dryer to prevent static.” — Danielle D.
  • “My favorite is using a nickel-sized amount of the hair conditioner on a dry washcloth, squish together, and add it to wet clothes in the dryer. You could also add to a dryer ball and rub two together. Clothes come out static free and soft!” — Shirley S.
  • “I use the conditioner on a dryer ball with an essential oil for static-free clothes!” — Nancy W.
  • “I use conditioner, water, and essential oils in a mason jar to make dryer sheets.” — Vinci-Ann C.
  • “Mix hair conditioner with water to use as fabric softener in the washer.” — Teresa F.

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