Holiday Hands: Moisturizing Hand Soap Gets Spiced Up

Cooking, baking, and merry-making make the holidays fun, but can be rough on the hands. Never fear, Holiday Spice Moisturizing Hand Soap is here to save the (holi)day. It moisturizes and cleans busy hands with lovely scents of the season.

Two delicious smelling ingredients make using the Holiday Spice Moisturizing Hand Soap a treat: organic cinnamon leaf essential oil and ginger essential oil. These scents bring to mind of warmth, coziness, and celebration!

The cinnamon has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties, ideal for cleaning hands for healthier holidays. Ginger energizes, warms the skin and has calming effects as well. Holiday Spice Moisturizing Hand Soap treats you to a lovely aromatherapy session after frosting cookies, decorating, and then sitting by the fire.

Spice up your holiday season with this safe and clean product, ideal for gift-giving as well as for keeping in your home!

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