clean spring cleaning hacks for any season

clean spring cleaning hacks for any season

If you’re spring cleaning with store bought products, you may be doing anything BUT cleaning. Many products sold in box stores are loaded with harmful toxins that could be leaving you and your family at risk of a variety of issues, from mild skin irritations to major health conditions.

We asked our Customers for their favorite clean spring cleaning hacks and it’s no wonder that they turn to pure haven for tidying up this season and throughout the year. Pure haven products are made with only safe, non toxic ingredients, so you can feel good about using them anywhere in your home. They’re also extremely versatile, as shown by these creative users:


The entire pure haven home collection is perfect for every day, but this user found our glass cleaner especially helpful in the spring, likely because it’s made with peppermint essential oil, known to repel pesky insects.

  • “I love the glass cleaner for my tile counters, especially in the spring — I swear my town is on top of an anthill!” — Heidi J.


While our non toxic cleaners are great for wiping down a variety of surfaces, some users find a way to make them go the extra mile.


Many pure haven products prove useful on floors, including one outside of our home collection.

  • “A little dish soap mixed with water is great in my spray mop for floors.” — Jodi C.
  • “I use the glass cleaner to clean my hardwood floors. I love the smell, and no streaks!” — Sharon M.
  • “I have used both surface cleaner and master blaster in my carpet cleaner.” — Heather J.
  • “I use dry shampoo as a rug deodorizer. Sprinkle, let sit for a few, and vacuum!” — Kristen B.


Glass cleaner for the bathroom mirror and scrubbing cleanser for sinks, counters, and tubs? Sure. But how about that toilet bowl?

  • “I use the scrubbing cleanser as toilet bowl cleaner.” — Heather J.
  • Glass cleaner can be used for toilet bowl cleaner — bathrooms smell like peppermint!” — Kristen B.

There are surely more ways that pure haven Customers find our products useful for spring cleaning and more. Ask your Consultant about their favorites!