7 reasons why pink grapefruit is a super self-care ingredient

7 reasons why pink grapefruit is a super self-care ingredient

Pink grapefruit essential oil is just one of many citrus essential oils with therapeutic properties. When we use products made with pink grapefruit oil, we get to experience the best of both worlds, simultaneously energizing and soothing body and mind.

When used in self-care products, pink grapefruit can help:

  1. Relieve anxiety and balance mood.
  2. Offer antimicrobial and antibacterial benefits.
  3. Bring about immediate and long-term positive effects on blood pressure and stress relief.
  4. Gently exfoliate skin, revealing a fresh, dewy glow.
  5. Brighten and rejuvenate skin and lighten dark spots on sun-damaged skin and skin showing signs of premature aging with the help of potent anti-aging antioxidants and vitamins.
  6. Detoxify skin, flushing out impurities and improving circulation.
  7. Reduce water retention and inflammation, improving skin’s appearance.

Several pure haven products are made with pink grapefruit essential oil, including:

These products are ideal for any self-care routine. Choose a set or mix and match individual items to create a pink grapefruit self-care set worthy of gift giving — and be sure to keep one for yourself!

Ask your pure haven Consultant about these and more of our amazing self-care products today.

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