are amber bottles really better?

are amber bottles really better?

Several pure haven products come in glass or plastic amber bottles. Ever wonder why?

In 2021 Pure Haven announced an initiative to enhance our packaging to ensure our non toxic formulations continue to be protected with packaging that’s as eco-friendly as possible. Amber bottles are just one of those enhancements.

In addition to giving our products an elevated look, amber bottles are better than clear or frosted clear bottles for certain products because …

  1. The color protects the contents from deterioration due to harmful UV exposure from the sun.
  2. It also filters out damaging blue light from electronics.
  3. Amber glass is inert, meaning it won’t negatively affect the contents, and PET plastic is considered safe, as its chemicals don’t leak into the contents of the container.
  4. Both types of bottles are made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable.

So which Pure Haven products come in amber plastic, and which come in amber glass?

amber plastic bottles:

amber glass bottles:

Either way, you can be sure that Pure Haven is taking every precaution possible to ensure our products are 100% toxin free! For more about our sustainability efforts, please reach out to your Pure Haven Consultant or our Customer Service team.