pure haven just became a woman-led business: why’s this such a big deal?

pure haven just became a woman-led business: why’s this such a big deal?

In October 2022, Miranda Inglis was appointed as Pure Haven’s Chief Executive Officer, taking the company from woman co-led to woman led.

Why’s this such a big deal?

This transition signals a positive change for Pure Haven and is an indication of a more optimistic future for all women in the workforce. As one article published earlier this year in Forbes magazine reveals, “news stories about women in the workforce over the past few years have been bleak,” as circumstances have essentially set women back “an entire generation when it comes to workforce participation.”

Plus, with a primarily female Customer base and team of independent Consultants, it just makes sense for Pure Haven to be woman-led.

Meet Miranda:

  • Miranda embodies the mission and Pure Haven brand as an advocate for non toxic living.
  • Miranda earned her bachelor’s degree in engineering from Ohio State University and quickly became a leader in the automotive industry.
  • She is an operations, sales, and product development leader with over 20 years’ experience and a vision for the future.
  • True to her entrepreneurial spirit, Miranda joined Pure Haven as an Independent Consultant in 2014; she understands what it’s like to work in that capacity as well as on the corporate team.
  • Miranda joined the Pure Haven Corporate team in 2017, unleashing her passion for helping others thrive in this business model.
  • In Miranda’s most recent role as Chief Operations officer, she led the team to innovate and streamline non toxic product development, supply chain, and manufacturing operations.
  • Miranda lives in Ohio with her husband and two sons, who are her everyday reminder of why pure haven’s mission to educate and protect families is so important.

“Pure Haven is a company that aligns with me, my values, and my life, and I am so excited to lead Pure Haven into its next and greatest chapter yet.”

—Miranda Inglis, CEO, Pure Haven

“Miranda has an unwavering commitment and dedication to the Pure Haven mission and our Consultants’ success. Not only do we have a woman at the helm, which is thrilling, but we have a woman with extraordinary depth and breadth of experience.”

—Mary Julich, Pure Haven Owner Group and Board Member


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