7 skin care scares and solutions

7 skin care scares and solutions

Halloween is coming and during this spooky time of year, we’ve found nothing more haunting than skin care scares. Fortunately, Pure Haven offers solutions to counteract the terror and leave your complexion clear, glowing, and looking more youthful than ever.

Scare #1: signs of early aging

The solution: Your key to avoiding this scare is following a skin care routine comprised of non toxic products that nourish and protect your skin. Regular use of sunscreen is also a must, as is washing away the day before going to bed — even if you don’t wear makeup, it’s important to cleanse nightly to rid your skin of excess oil and environmental pollutants.

Scare #2: age spots

The solution: Since it’s not your age but your exposure to the sun’s damaging UV rays that causes age spots to surface over time, it’s important to wear sunscreen daily as a preventive measure. To help minimize any dark spots you’ve already got, choose skin care products with natural ingredients like punarnava, which is known to help lighten and brighten the skin and even skin tone.

Scare #3: clogged pores

The solution: Avoid oily, heavy makeup (hello, Halloween makeup, we’re looking at you!) and be sure to cleanse your face at the end of the day or sooner if you’ve been eating oily foods. (Plot twist: It’s not eating oily foods that causes breakouts, but the grease left behind on your face!)

Scare #4: pimples

The solution: As always, a regular skin care routine with non toxic products is the way to go. Our clear up serum is ideal for daily application to help prevent breakouts and can be used as a spot treatment as well. And no matter what, never squeeze or pick at pimples, which can cause bacteria to spread, making matters worse. It can also lead to scarring.

Scare #5: dry, flaky skin

The solution: This scare could be a result of the cooler weather, which means switching up your skin care routine to incorporate products that provide additional moisturization, like hyaluronic acid and beauty booster. Dry skin can also be caused by the ingredients in skin care products that strip away your skin’s natural, protective layer (your microbiome), which helps retain moisture and softness. Overly dry, irritated skin is likely to perpetuate skin care nightmares like wrinkles and oiliness. Choose refresh skin care with pre+probiotics, made to help create a resilient microbiome that helps protect and nourish healthy skin and leave a glowing complexion.

Scare #6: accentuated wrinkles

The solution: Nothing accentuates wrinkles more than caked-on makeup. But when you take care of your complexion with safe, effective products, you can let your true beauty show through no matter what your age is. Skip the makeup all together or use a light touch, with tinted moisturizer, mascara, and clear shine lip gloss that accentuate your loveliness, not your wrinkles.

Scare #7: toxins

The solution: When you know better, you do better. So get to know about harmful chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate, heavy metals, formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasers, petrolatum, and more that are lurking in everyday products. Check your product labels for them as you shop and leave those hazardous products on the shelf.

Your best opportunity for avoiding any or all of these skin care scares? Shop with a non toxic product manufacturer that you can trust. Shop Pure Haven. To learn more about our products and our mission, please reach out to your Pure Haven Consultant or our Customer Service team.