7 Great Gift Ideas for the Holidays (or Any Day)

7 Great Gift Ideas for the Holidays (or Any Day)

The holidays are upon us! If your gift-giving list is as long as yourself, stop, take a breath, and remember that sometimes the best gifts aren’t found in a store. Think about what your loved ones could truly use and what you can offer from the heart. Then consider what items might pair well with it.

Here are seven great gift ideas to help get you started:

  • The gift of knowledge: A gift certificate to a local bookstore or museum, or for a magazine subscription, is a great way to give the gift of knowledge. You could even create a list of your favorite blogs and podcasts to give. Another idea is to share what you know about the toxins found in everyday home and personal care products and the safe, effective products available through pure haven. You’ll be empowering others to make a change for the better, helping them to avoid dangerous ingredients that could negatively affect their health. Knowledge is power!
  • The gift of time: Kids these days have more “things” than they know what to do with. Rather than piling on another toy, why not give the gift of your time? Offer to take your niece, nephew, cousin, or younger sibling out for the day, whether for a picnic, to a movie, or to a museum, and give that child your undivided attention. It’s something they’ll remember and cherish always.
  • The gift of me-time: When you take your bestie’s kids out for the day, leave her home with everything she needs to create a spa day — candle — all without the harmful ingredients that could really put a damper on a spa experience.
  • The gift of service: Provide community service to a local homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or other local charity that needs volunteers this time of year. Invite family members and friends to join you. It’s a gift for those in need that’s incredibly rewarding.
  • The gift of wellness: Winter often comes with a plethora of germs that cause colds, viruses, and all kinds of unpleasant ailments, not to mention the sore muscles that result from shoveling all that snow! Create a gift basket of your favorite wellness items, like comfort oil, for someone you want to keep well through the winter.
  • The gift of thanks: Remember to thank your mail carrier, hairdresser, kids’ teachers and coaches, and helpful neighbors for all they do throughout the year for you and your family. A sincere, handwritten note of thanks means more than you’ll ever know. Pair it with something like a holiday candle as an extra token of appreciation.
  • The gift of compassion. The holidays are a joyful time for most, but not everyone is in good spirits this time of year. Show those struggling that you care. A kind word, listening ear, and warm embrace are just right for helping anyone going through a difficult time.

Still unsure of what to give? Your pure haven Consultant can help you select just the right products for anyone on your gift-giving list.

Happy holidays, and happy giving!