5 ways to show winter skin some tough love to get it back in shape

5 ways to show winter skin some tough love to get it back in shape

When your skin gives in to the effects of dry, winter weather, becoming flaky, itchy, and chapped, it’s time to show it some tough love to get it back into shape. Exfoliation is the key to sloughing away dead skin so that you can moisturize and reveal your natural glow. But while tough love is essential, it’s important that your method doesn’t involve harmful ingredients that can cause further irritation.

With pure haven’s clean, non toxic exfoliation products, you can gently smooth and soften your skin, restore moisture, and leave it bright and glowing

  1. Facial exfoliation

A facial exfoliator removes surface impurities and dry skin cells and helps to open pores, allowing your skin to accept the benefits of the products you apply following exfoliation, like pure haven refresh moisturizer with pre+probiotics and night serum with probiotics.

  1. Smooth rough spots

The micro polish formula of our sugar body scrubs sloughs away dead skin on elbows, knees, hands, and anywhere else its needed.

  1. All over glow

Dry, scaly skin on legs and arms can be easily removed and softened with one of our sugar body scrubs, enriched with skin-nourishing essential oils to help your skin truly shine. For added hydration, apply ultra-hydrating body oil or luxurious body butter with pre+probiotics.

  1. Bedtime prep

Lavender can relax your body and mind and help you sleep. Use lavender sugar body scrub, a limited-time item, during your nighttime bath or shower to prepare yourself for a great night’s sleep.

  1. Don’t forget your feet

In addition to the skin on your feet being rough and in need of some exfoliation this time of year, it’s said that the soles of our feet are a sweet spot for essential oil absorption. That’s why using a scrub that contains lavender can have an ultra-calming effect on your whole body. For added relaxation, apply sleepy body oil as well.

For more great tips and techniques for winter skin care, talk with your pure haven Consultant today!