your task-by-task guide to pregnancy-safe cleaning products

your task-by-task guide to pregnancy-safe cleaning products

Throughout your life you may not have thought much about the products you chose for cleaning up. Suddenly, you’re pregnant or considering becoming pregnant and you’re thinking twice about it. Cleaning your home with various questionable brands that contain bleach or other harsh substances doesn’t seem so smart anymore.

Toxic chemicals can get into your blood circulation by inhalation or absorption through the skin and potentially cause harm to you and your baby.

So, if you’re on the lookout for pregnancy-safe cleaning products (a good move even when you’re not heading down the parenthood track!), you’re in the right place! You can feel confident using pure haven non toxic products while you nest, getting ready for baby’s arrival. Let’s take it task by task:

Bathroom scrub-down:

  • Surface cleaner is a must-have, safe for granite, tile, porcelain, and more. It’s perfect for bathroom fixtures and countertops.
  • Glass cleaner gives all your glass surfaces — windows, mirrors, shower doors, and more — a streak-free, toxin-free sparkle.
  • Scrubbing cleanser is mildly abrasive, perfect for tougher cleaning jobs like toilets, bathroom sinks, tub, and tile.

Kitchen cleanup:

Loads of laundry:

  • Master blaster is the go-to for blasting stains and pre-treating laundry. It’s also a great odor eliminator, perfect for spritzing your dirty clothes hamper. It’ll be your best friend when it comes to deodorizing your little one’s diaper pail down the road, too.
  • Laundry detergent is a non toxic necessity made with only safe, effective ingredients.

For more about these safe household cleaners, reach out to your pure haven Consultant. Don’t forget safe personal care products to keep your mom-to-be skin well-nourished and protected. Once baby arrives, keep the safe product routine going with our baby care collection. Pure haven is your one-stop-shop for all the non toxic you need for you, your baby, and your home.