why it’s time to switch up your skin care

why it’s time to switch up your skin care

It’s time to switch up your skin care routine and it has nothing to do with the upcoming change in seasons.

If you’ve been using the same skin care products for years, we understand it can be hard to give them up. You’re thinking, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

But what is broken is the government’s regulation of the skin care and cosmetics industry. Manufacturers are pretty much allowed to govern themselves, and that can mean using sneaky, harmful ingredients without regard to your wellbeing and often for the sake of saving a few bucks.

Have you read your skin care product labels lately?

If your products aren’t from pure haven, they may contain toxic chemicals that are putting your health at risk.

At pure haven, our strict, high-quality standards go beyond “natural,” “organic,” or “green,” and all the way to pure. Our pure promise means we will not compromise when it comes to providing the most effective products for you and your family. All our products are made with guaranteed safe, non toxic ingredients right here in the United States.

So, if what you’ve been using contains harmful ingredients (despite what the manufacturer claims), you’ll want to make a switch sooner rather than later to alleviate and eliminate body burden that can cause serious harm to your health over time.

Pure haven offers a variety of skin care products to help you develop a routine that works for you. Our refresh and clear up collections offer two core skin care options. Additional exfoliator, mask, serums, and more may be added depending on your complexion needs and goals.

Since 2009, pure haven has helped more than 700,000 families protect their loved ones and find peace of mind by switching to our non toxic products. Our unique, effective, non toxic formulations are trusted and true so you can share them with your loved ones worry free. Let pure haven be your one-stop-shop for all things non toxic for your household, from skin care to hair and body, baby care, household cleaners, pet products, and more. Talk with your pure haven Consultant today to learn more.