Your New Effortlessly Clean Beauty Routine

Your New Effortlessly Clean Beauty Routine

Incorporating non toxic beauty products into your routine is just as important as using non toxic skin care. Pure haven can help, offering a one-stop shop for all things clean beauty and skin care.

We’ve rounded up our top five quick steps to ensure your beauty routine is non toxic from start to finish.

  1. Hyaluronic Acid: The Only Makeup Primer You’ll Ever Need

Avoid toxic ingredients included in many primers by using pure haven hyaluronic acid (HA) as the base for your makeup. Not only is our HA formulated with only the best, non toxic ingredients, it also provides intense hydration, making skin appear tight and dewy. Because of its composition, HA is the perfect makeup primer, as it pairs well with other skin care and beauty ingredients. Priming your skin with HA ensures all-day hydration and a smooth base for makeup application.

  1. Tinted Moisturizer: Two Steps in One

An inarguably iconic combination, tinted moisturizer combines all the nourishing properties of a moisturizer with the smoothing and color evening benefits of a foundation. Less products equals less steps and an effortless morning routine. Pure haven tinted moisturizer comes in two shades, simplifying your routine while enhancing your natural beauty.

  1. No Fuss Contour

When it comes to contouring, less is more. Keep it simple with our cheeky bronzer, perfect for quick application as well as on-the-go beauty.

Pure haven also offers cheeky color sticks in blush formulations, with two shades to effortlessly accent your features.

  1. Enhance Your Eyes

While using non toxic beauty and skin care products is always important, absolutely nothing but the best should ever go near the sensitive areas on and around your eyes. As usual, pure haven has you covered with our line of eye products. Our all new eye liner is gentle, contains no harsh chemicals, and is easy to apply with our bamboo eye liner brush. A quick application of pure haven mascara adds volume and oomph to your look.

  1. Gloss it Up

Top it all off with pure haven lip gloss, available in four beautiful shades. Say hello to your new morning routine- effortless and most importantly safe!

No one does #cleanbeauty like pure haven. Add the best non toxic skin care and beauty products to your regimen today by shopping our website.