The Luxurious New Skin Care Product You Need Now

The Luxurious New Skin Care Product You Need Now

Introducing: pure haven beauty booster

It just keeps getting better here at pure haven! Our product portfolio has expanded again to provide you with the newest must-have in luxury skin care: pure haven beauty booster! Unlike other boosters that are formulated with toxic chemicals that destroy the benefits of the booster, pure haven’s beauty booster is a sumptuous treat for your skin.

Why you need it:

Beauty boosters are particularly useful for treating the ever-changing composition of your skin, caused by lifestyle, environmental, and hormonal factors. A higher concentration of active ingredients means increased benefits for your skin.

Pure haven’s beauty booster features an antioxidant-rich formula that is lightweight and fast absorbing. It’s enriched with a harmonious combination of 20 oils and essential oils, such as hemp seed oil, raspberry seed oil, and evening primrose oil, each carefully selected for their skin-nourishing properties, including hydration, firming, and toning. It has anti-aging benefits, providing superior hydration and uplifting skin. Your complexion will be radiant and glowing after each use!

How to use it:

Adding pure haven beauty booster to your skin care routine is simple to do and incredibly effective. There are so many ways to incorporate this perfect potion to your routine!

  • After cleansing and toning, add beauty booster to your eye cream or moisturizer for added hydration.
  • You can also simply apply eye cream and moisturizer, and then finish with beauty booster to seal in moisture and get a gorgeous glow.
  • In addition, beauty booster can also be used as a primer before you put on foundation. Apply one-half or one full dropper directly to skin.
  • Apply again at night and follow with our night serum, to help rejuvenate skin and wake up glowing.

This product is a must-have that will leave you not only feeling a difference, but seeing it, too.

Place your order today to reap the benefits of this incredible skin care oil!