why using unscented products might not keep your fragrance allergy from flaring up

Skin sensitivity or allergies can cause uncomfortable symptoms like burning, tingling, itching, tightness, and even pain when a particular substance is applied. Fragrance is a common skin allergen, so many people with allergies look for unscented products in order to prevent a reaction.

That plan can backfire, though, leaving allergy sufferers literally scratching their heads — or arms, back, or other body parts.

Unfortunately, even products that claim to be unscented could still contain fragrance. To cover the scent of a fragrance, manufacturers use a masking agent, which is simply another fragrance that covers up chemical scents. Although you can’t smell it, it could still be there and cause an allergic reaction. If you have skin allergies, always be sure to conduct a patch test by applying a bit of a new-to-you product to the inside of your elbow and wait 48-72 hours. If there’s no reaction, it should be okay to use the product.

How can you be sure a product doesn’t contain fragrance?

Don’t rely on the claims printed on the front-facing label of a product to tell you the truth. Greenwashing (the term for when a company or brand falsely presents their businesses and products as consumer safe or environmentally friendly in order to get a sale) enables manufacturers to get toxic goods into the hands and homes of consumers across the country and around the world. Rather than “unscented,” look for “fragrance free” or “without perfume,” and be sure to check the product ingredient labels for “fragrance,” “perfume,” “parfum,” or “cologne.”

Fragrance and related terms are easy to remember and spot on labels but may not be the only harmful ingredient buried in the list. Refer to this handy list of ingredients to avoid to help you identify other toxins lurking in your chosen products before you buy them.

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