why you should think twice about those cookie-scented bath products on store shelves

Who doesn’t love cookies? Not just any cookie, but a Girl Scout cookie?

Each year, the famous girl empowerment non profit tempts us with deliciousness, just after we’ve made our best resolutions to watch what we eat. And now, not only are we tempted to eat that deliciousness, but we might also be tempted to SMELL like it, too!

You’ve probably seen the products we’re talking about in your local big box stores. Native, a brand that claims to be focused on natural ingredients, has been a subsidiary of mega-conglomerate Proctor & Gamble since 2017. A quick look at the front of the Native packaging, claiming what’s inside is sulfate free, paraben free, dye free, and phthalate free, might have you scoop up these deliciously FRAGRANCED products and run right home to use them, emerging from your shower smelling as scrumptious as a thin mint or peanut butter sandwich cookie.

Flip the package over, though, and you may feel differently.

A “simple” ingredients label reveals a short list of terms you may or may not be familiar with, and, although the label defines each ingredient as a familiar, innocuous substance, you might want to consult an outside resource (like our handy ingredients to avoid list) to determine whether these ingredients are safe for you and your family. Cast your eyes about halfway down the list and you’ll see that dreaded “f word” we alluded to above: FRAGRANCE.

Fragrance is a term used by many manufacturers to legally hide an untold number of toxic chemicals. The ingredients in fragrance (also often listed on labels as perfume, parfum, or cologne) don’t have to be divulged on product labels because companies are legally allowed to use the term to protect trade secrets. Some of the most used toxic chemicals in fragrance are:

  • Phthalates: Known carcinogens used to help make fragrance last longer. Phthalates have been linked with birth defects, diabetes, obesity, and ADHD, and can also trigger allergies and cause negative health impacts like headaches, migraines, and respiratory issues.
  • Parabens: Endocrine disrupting chemicals that mimic estrogen and have been linked with breast cancer, allergic reactions, and skin rashes

What’s even more concerning is that the Native ecommerce site offers scent descriptions using words like “vibrant blend” of scents, and notes that the product is officially licensed by Girl Scouts of the USA. It also includes a list of ingredients but still doesn’t mention fragrance. Several images of the product are included, but not one that reveals the actual ingredients label. An ecommerce customer will likely add the product to cart, believing the greenwashed front label and lighthearted scent description, innocently supporting the beloved Girl Scouts organization. They will not know until the product reaches their home that it contains fragrance – and, let’s face it, may never know if they don’t think to double check that ingredients label on the package.

In addition to fragrance, there are three other ingredients on the Native cookie-scented body wash labels to beware of:

  • Cocamidopropyl betaine: Considered unsafe for use in products left on skin, rated high for allergies and immunotoxicity, and a suspected environmental toxin.
  • Sodium benzoate: May increase risk of inflammation, oxidative stress, obesity, ADHD, and allergies.
  • Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate: A penetration enhancer (meaning it helps ingredients within a product penetrate skin) that’s been classified as toxic or harmful in some studies and is a suspected environmental toxin.

Other types of products are available from Native in the Girl Scout scents, but the information provided on the Native ecommerce site is inconsistent at best. You can find a full list of shampoo, conditioner, and spray deodorant ingredients if you take a good look, but fragrance is conveniently left off the solid deodorant ingredient list, just like the body wash.

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