Why Argan Oil is the Secret Weapon When It Comes to Anti-Aging

Why Argan Oil is the Secret Weapon When It Comes to Anti-Aging

Let’s just cut to the chase: argan oil is full of essential nutrients that work together to nourish healthy skin and hair. Argan oil is a rich source of vitamin E and contains extremely beneficial antioxidants. When applied directly to the skin, argan oil can help to reduce inflammation. It’s also proven to slow the aging process.

Have a fear of aging skin? Argan oil has your back! Argan oil has been proven to slow the aging process by its properties that reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. When applied on the skin’s surface, argan oil restores the skin’s natural properties, thus reducing visual signs of aging. Argan oil applied on the skin works to hydrate and improve skin elasticity.

Not only rewarding for your skin, argan oil also helps improve the quality of your hair. Similar to its role in skin aging prevention, argan oil hydrates and nourishes hair, resulting in moisturized, luscious locks. Don’t have the time or money for a trim? Try applying argan oil to the ends of your locks to improve the appearance of dead ends. Aside from these benefits, argan oil is also helpful in styling your hair to be sleek and shiny! Argan oil is especially useful in the summertime because of its ability to de-frizz and tame hair amidst the summer heat and humidity.  

Here’s a little secret: one of the most unknown uses of argan oil is the treatment and prevention of stretch marks. Due to argan oil’s natural properties of hydration and reduction of inflammation, when used on problematic skin areas, argan oil targets these areas and acts to improve them. Over time, repeated use will reduce the appearance of stretch marks on the body.

Do you ever struggle to find the perfect chapstick or lip gloss? Argan oil has been used to improve moisture of lips for years. While hydrating, the rich oil properties of argan oil also give your lips an extra hint of shine to create the perfect moisture to gloss ratio. Quickly dab a little on your lips in the morning and you’re good to go for the entire day; beneficial and efficient!

As you can see, argan oil has a wide variety of uses, making it easy to add into your daily skin care routine. Just as you would use a night serum, a few drops of argan oil applied to the skin daily is a seamless way of gaining countless vitamin and skin benefits.

Currently all the rage, argan oil has been a well-kept beauty secret for years. Here at pure haven, we value argan oil and all its goodness. With our customers in mind, we created moroccan argan oil to meet all of your nourishing needs. Completely 100% free of toxins and organic! We love argan oil for its natural properties and many uses. This power oil needs to be in everyone’s beauty drawer.  


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