Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy Throughout the Year

Back to school time means more activities, and more germs. Sports can lead to injuries and homework and busier schedules can lead to stress. Keeping the kids healthy is paramount to a great year and less absences at school. Here are a few tips to keep those kids going strong…starring the Kids Essentials collection, which is ideal for the entire family.

  • Scrub clean with the Kids Body Wash and Shampoo—whether it’s a quick shower or a relaxing bath, the smell of orange and vanilla is a treat!
  • Got stress? Use the Kids Massage and Body Lotion to calm, soothe and relax as well as hydrate skin of all ages—without harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrance.
  • Boo boos? No problem! The Boo Boo Stick is ideal to stash in sports bags, backpacks, purses and diaper bags. A quick swipe on skinned knees or scraped elbows is all it takes to make that boo boo feel better!
  • Brushing teeth is fun and delicious when using our Kids Toothpaste. Tastes likes a creamsicle and gets those pearly whites clean? Win!

Encouraging good hygiene will keep your kids (and you!) feeling healthy, happy and ready for what the year will bring.


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