Healthy Back to School Checklist

Ring, ring! It’s back to school time, kiddos! Lunches, activities, recess, homework and….germs! Teachers and students alike are exposed to all sorts of nasty things. But there is the secret weapon of classroom health: the Pure Haven Essentials Healthy Back to School Checklist!

When you send the kids back to school, you get them supplies, right? Pencils and folders and notebooks and back packs. But you need to add a few more things to the list to get ready for the year. Send the kids to school with a gift for the teacher that the whole class will thank you for!

  • Hands on the Go 16 oz. with pump: ideal for on-the-go cleaning without alcohol or triclosan.
  • Moisturizing Hand Soap: use in classroom sinks or bathrooms.
  • Surface Cleaner and Glass Cleaner: instead of antibacterial wipes, these multitaskers get the work done cleaning desks, chairs, white boards and more—all without harmful chemicals!
  • Master Blaster: great for deodorizing the classroom and cubbies.

Ask the teacher to let you know when supplies are running low so you can replenish and keep the kids (and the teacher!) healthy and happy all school year long.

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