three things to look for in a candle to help keep your family safe

three things to look for in a candle to help keep your family safe

Safety tips for burning candles may seem like a no-brainer. You likely already know the basics — keep away from flammable items, keep out of reach of children, never leave unattended, etc. — but how do you know if a candle itself, before you even burn it, is safe?

There are plenty of manufacturers out there making candles from toxic ingredients. Many use paraffin, which is a petroleum byproduct that releases carcinogenic soot when burned. That soot can also cause respiratory issues and aggravate asthma, lung, and heart problems, as well as damage to the inside of your home.

Certain candles may emit potentially hazardous chemicals, such as benzene and toluene, which are known as central nervous system depressants that can cause slurred speech, dizziness, and disorientation in the short term and clinical depression, leukemia, and reproductive issues in the long term.

Love a scented candle? Watch out for candles scented with synthetic oils that may release microscopic particles that can cause cancer and other problems when inhaled. Some emit so much fragrance, even before being lit, that they can trigger asthma attacks and migraines.

But it’s not all bad news. Before you give up on your hopes for a candle-lit experience, you should know that there are safe candles available. Here are three things to look for in a candle to help keep you and your family safe:

  1. Made from non toxic, vegetable-based wax, like soy.
  2. Scented with safe essential oils.
  3. Include cotton wicks that are free of chemicals.

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And just in case, please remember these candle-burning basics …

  • Reduce soot by trimming wicks to ¼” and not burning in drafty areas.
  • Only use candles in non flammable containers and extinguish before they burn to the bottom.
  • Always place candle on uncluttered, stable surface before lighting.
  • Keep lit candles away from upholstery, curtains, tablecloths, and other items that could easily catch fire.
  • Avoid moving a burning candle, as the container is likely too hot to handle and tripping or stumbling with the candle could cause hot wax to spill onto hands.
  • Keep candles out of reach of children and pets.
  • Never leave unattended or leave lit while sleeping.

Stay safe!