trick or treat: deciphering product labels

trick or treat: deciphering product labels

“Trick or treat!”

How fun to answer the door and hear those words when you’re greeted by the smiling, hopeful faces of children!

What’s not so fun is shopping for products for your home and family and something inside wonders, “trick or treat?” It’s a question you have to ask all year round when shopping big box stores stocked with potentially harmful products.

To help you navigate the wild world of personal and home care products, here’s a list of tricks to avoid and treats to choose!


  • Big box stores that are only out to make a buck, no matter the cost associated with products made with harmful ingredients.
  • Manufacturers who cut corners by using questionable ingredients in their products because they cost less.
  • Corporate America’s greedy, greenwashing ways, as they label products with terms like “green,” “clean,” or “organic,” but don’t produce products that are truly green, clean, or organic.
  • Loopholes that protect corporations, allowing them to keep ingredients hidden as trade secrets.


  • Shopping with a trustworthy small business owner — your pure haven Consultant — who provides excellent personalized customer service.
  • Knowing your products are made with only safe, non toxic ingredients — no compromises, ever! — at a USDA Certified Organic manufacturing facility in the United States.
  • Feeling confident in sharing what you purchase with family and friends; no worries about unintentionally harming them with hidden, dangerous chemicals.
  • Having a U.S.-based customer service team at your service.
  • Stocking your home with products that are not just toxin free, but cruelty free and gluten free as well.
  • Using products made with pure protect, a cutting-edge, broad-spectrum, proprietary preservation system that doesn’t use harmful chemicals to keep products fresh.
  • Shopping at your convenience, 24/7, from your pure haven Consultant’s online store.
  • Appreciating the peace of mind that comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Let your pure haven Consultant help you out this fall and holiday season to ensure you steer clear of those tricky corporations and their deceptive marketing ploys. Your Consultant will help safely steer you toward only the best, most effective, non toxic products for yourself and your family based on your personal needs.

Happy Halloween!