the secret to finding pfas-free cosmetics

PFAS (perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances) is a family of life-threatening chemicals that doesn’t break down in nature and is linked with cancer, birth defects, and hormone disruption. These pervasive toxins are found in nearly every type of consumer and industrial product, in groundwater and drinking water, and even in the blood of an estimated 99% of Americans!

According to an article in the Scientific American, “A proposed federal rule calls for forcing companies to disclose whether their products contain toxic ‘forever’ chemicals,” but that’s merely an attempt by the government to document the prevalence of PFAS across the country. It doesn’t limit use of PFAS. It doesn’t provide a PFAS cleanup plan. And it doesn’t apply to “pesticides, food and food additives, drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices regulated under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.”

We’ll say that again:

The proposed federal rule to disclose PFAS contamination does not apply to pesticides, food and food additives, drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices.

It also doesn’t apply to “trade secrets” (ahem, fragrance!). That means countless consumer products may continue to be laden with at least one class of carcinogenic, hormone-disrupting ingredients for the foreseeable future, despite this supposedly landmark federal action. So much for protecting consumers.

The good news? We know the secret to finding PFAS-free cosmetics today and always: shop with a trusted, guaranteed non toxic manufacturer; shop Pure Haven.

Although Pure Haven can’t help you with safe pesticides, food and food additives, drugs, and medical devices, we can help you with safe, effective, non toxic cosmetics and other personal and home care products.

Pure Haven is committed to putting only the safest, purest ingredients in all our products, right down to the water. The water we use goes through a multi-step process to ensure purity before being used in our non toxic product formulations. That process includes sedimentation filtration, reverse osmosis, and UV filtration. The water that leaves our facility is actually cleaner than when it comes in!

Pure Haven products never have and never will contain harmful ingredients. You can shop makeup and our complete collection of non toxic products for yourself, your family, and your home without worry. No compromises. That’s our promise.

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