School year sleep schedules got you stumped? Try this.

School year sleep schedules got you stumped? Try this.

Whether the school year is just starting out where you are or you’ve been at it for a few weeks, it’s possible that getting the kids back on a decent school year sleep schedule is still eluding you and making this transition rockier than it should be.

After a fun summer of late nights or when remote learning doesn’t feel like “real” school and the kids give you a hard time about going to bed or waking up, what’s a parent to do?

Try creating a calming bedtime routine. Establishing time and space for your children to wind down before bed can help create a safe, comforting routine that all but guarantees an easier bedtime and more restful sleep, which can result in a happier household and a more successful student.

Start by determining a start time for the routine, working backward from the time you want your kids to be asleep. As for the routine itself, include things like …

  • After dinner, try diffusing lavender or tranquility essential oils in your home to help calm body and mind and aid in more restful sleep.
  • Choose outfits for the next day and make sure backpacks and lunches are packed. Both you and your child will feel better knowing you’re already prepared for the next day.
  • Get the kids to cut back on caffeine and sugar intake. Not consuming caffeine for at least six hours prior to bedtime can help aid in a more restful sleep.
  • Limit evening drinks (at least an hour before bed) to prevent middle-of-the-night runs to the bathroom and/or potential accidents.
  • If your kids take baths or showers in the evening, use a body soap like pure haven baby wash & shampoo (yes, even if they’re not exactly babies anymore), made with soothing ingredients like lavender and marigold to help settle them down.
  • Make sure screens (television, tablets, phones, computers) are turned off well before bedtime — at least 30 minutes prior. A bedtime story is a great alternative to watching a show or playing a video game.
  • Don’t allow screens in your child’s bedroom. The glow of devices can disrupt sleep. And if your child is old enough for social media and/or texting friends, just having their devices nearby could cause stress if they obsess about what they’re missing.
  • Spritz your kiddos’ rooms with monster spray. Its hints of lavender and chamomile will help calm and relax them before bed.
  • Be consistent! Sticking to this routine even over the weekends and on holidays will help you avoid meltdowns on school nights.

Here’s to an amazing school year!