What’s Hiding in Our Water Supply?

Microbeads are even found in water where kids play

On World Water Day (March 22), the day is dedicated to taking action against water crises around the world. Dirty water is a tragedy with harsh consequences and can cost victims their health, even their lives. We can’t underestimate the importance of worldwide awareness and engagement on this issue. That includes awareness of microbeads and SLS.

Putting Ourselves at Risk

In the U.S., we are fortunate to not have to face many of these hardships. However, we are guilty of putting ourselves at risk. Every day, millions of gallons of shampoo, body wash, exfoliators and other products are literally washed down the drain. Where does it go from there?

Water treatment plants are equipped to remove bacteria from the water, not toxic chemicals. This means there are countless toxic chemicals contaminating the water we use. Curious about the toxic chemicals in products you might use? Click here to download our Ingredients to Avoid Guide.

Microbeads – One of the Biggest Offenders

One of the biggest offenders is products that contain microbeads. These are tiny plastic particles that are added to various skin care products and used to exfoliate the skin. Microbeads are so small that they go undetected by our water treatment plants. Once they enter our waterways, they put fish and other water animals in harm’s way.

It is estimated that about 8 trillion microbeads have been released into our waterways. According to Popular Science, that’s enough plastic to cover 300 tennis courts! Fish, whales, sea turtles and more gobble up these microbeads. While we are not actually drinking the microbeads, they may end up in our seafood.

Our Promise Extends to the Environment

At PUREhaven ESSENTIALS, our mission is to help people live toxic free. That promise extends to our environment as well. Our products are designed with natural, environmentally-friendly alternatives. For example, our Exfoliator is made with apricot kernels instead of microbeads. The apricot kernels gently buff your skin, leaving you with healthy, smooth skin.

Our Shampoo is free from Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS). SLS is classified as a drug in bubble baths because it eats away skin protection and causes rashes/infection. Let’s keep SLS out of our water! Try our Shampoo for a clean that not only leaves your hair lovely and keeps your scalp itch-free. It also won’t harm our environment.

Working together, we CAN make our water cleaner and safer. Use non-toxic products and have peace of mind. You’ll know that the products you use are good for you and the environment.

To learn more about our safe, effective, trustworthy products, talk to your local PUREhaven Consultant and don’t miss our March Specials. Of course, you’ll find we provide full ingredient lists on every product – just click on View Details when you shop!

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