Easier Bedtime, Sleepier Children and Happier Parents

Girl Sleeping at Nap or Bedtime

As the day winds down for adults, the thought of getting to bed is SO enticing. Kids, however, seem to become more energetic as bedtime nears. Their behavior is conflicting: they’re too tired to be on their best behavior, but not tired enough to fall sleep. Many, many parents face this struggle with their kids’ bedtime

Whether it’s dealing with hyper kids or fears of monsters in the closet, there are ways to help your little ones rest easy at bedtime.

Hold a Dance Party.   If it seems as though your child transforms into the Energizer Bunny when it comes time for bed, try encouraging movement.  Release all that energy through a before-bed dance party! Crank up some music and dance in your pajamas to help your kids expel some of that energy before bedtime.

Soothe them with scarves. For a more relaxing way to release some energy, use scarves in a smooth dance-like motion. The movement of scarves in the air creates a sense of calm. Turn on some relaxing music and watch as the yawns take over for kids.

Take an evening walk. Gather the whole gang and take a short walk in your pajamas. Pointing out how even the sun is getting ready to go to bed will help prepare your child for his own bedtime routine.

Empower your kids to fight!  If it’s a monster they’re afraid of, create a monster-fighting team. Arm yourselves with empty water guns and monster-hunting-only fly swatters. Then go on a hunt around the room looking for the monsters. If your child is not up to going with you, go on a solo mission. Knock around a few things and pretend to battle those monsters.

Pick out a favorite toy, stuffed animal, or blanket and share a story with your child about the item’s magic.  Share how it will protect them from any harm. Try placing the toy or stuffed animal facing the place where the monsters hide and add a bucket next to the toy or stuffed animal. When your child sees that the bucket is empty in the morning, you can assure them there were no monsters to catch.

A Lullaby for the Senses. Just as some scents stimulate and awaken, others are calming. Try what we’ve nicknamed our Monster Spray. With hints of lavender, it is perfect for nurturing a natural sense of relaxation and easing your little one to sleep.  Some helpful hints: spray it on towels for drying off after bedtime baths or on a favorite blanket or stuffed animal. You may even use it on your own pillow for an extra special touch as you drift off to sleep.

We know that parents work hard and the days can be stressful. Bedtime routines should be a special and pleasant experience for you and your child. See how PUREhaven ESSENTIALS can help bring a happy, peaceful end to the day and a good night!

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