Don’t Be Left in the Dark on Dangers of Consumer Products

Don’t Be Left in the Dark on Dangers of Consumer Products

In the summer of 2018, 22 women with ovarian cancer won a $4.69 billion lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson, exposing the fact that the company has known since 1971 that their baby powder contained cancer-causing asbestos but continued to sell it without divulging this detail to consumers.

The thing is, federal law actually allows companies to knowingly sell products containing carcinogens. Johnson & Johnson wasn’t required to list asbestos on their ingredients label because it wasn’t intentionally added. It’s a labeling loophole that the company took advantage of. According to a recent article in the Times Union, “The fact remains that the FDA does not currently have the authority to ensure personal care products are free from known toxic chemicals.” Labeling loopholes protect product manufacturers and leave consumers exposed to toxic chemicals.

So how can consumers avoid being left in the dark? How can we be sure we’re not buying products that contain harmful ingredients if those ingredients aren’t included on the label?

Despite manufacturers’ deceptive practices, consumers still have the power to make a difference. By avoiding products peddled by companies that use greenwashing tactics (slapping a green leaf on their labels to try to fool consumers into thinking they’re organic and safe) and seeking out products that truly are safe, you show manufacturers that it’s not okay to use toxic chemicals in their products. You show them that you want and deserve better for yourself and your family.

As for ingredients that are included on product labels, be sure to watch out for these harmful ones to avoid, including talc, as well as fragrance, parabens, triclosan, and more.

Don’t wait for disease to affect your family before you make the switch to clean products. Let pure haven do the homework for you. Pure haven adheres to a strict ingredient sourcing procedure and manufactures products in our very own USDA Certified Organic facility in small batches, guaranteeing that our products are 100% safe and free of toxins.

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