can skin care serums really help turn back the clock?

Lots of skin care serums promise anti-aging benefits, but can they really deliver on that promise?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is also yes, but be sure to pay attention to ingredient labels, choosing only products with safe, effective ingredients in them. Serums generally have a thinner consistency than lotions or creams, so they absorb into your skin quickly, and do you really want toxic chemicals seeping through to your bloodstream at any rate?

Of course, aging is inevitable. It’s a natural part of life and we’re all for aging gracefully. However, if there’s a safe, effective non toxic product that can help reduce visible signs of aging while promoting a healthier, more radiant-looking complexion, we’re in!

How do anti-aging serums work?

Serums are potent, highly concentrated formulations designed to absorb quickly to provide skin with a deeper level of hydration, and better hydration results in a fresher, younger appearance. The active ingredients in anti-aging serums include hyaluronic acid (a.k.a. sodium hyaluronate) and an array of antioxidants, which can improve skin’s texture and tone and protect against environmental stressors with regular use. They target fine lines and wrinkles, age spots and other discoloration, dryness, dullness, and more.

While no ingredient or product can completely reverse the clock, these serums are excellent add-ons to your regular skin care routine at any age. Cleanse and tone, then apply one or more serums before moisturizing. Mix a few drops together to create a serum “cocktail” or layer them on — it’s up to you!

  • Hyaluronic acid contains sodium hyaluronate, a naturally occurring substance that helps skin maintain hydration and plumpness. It’s plentiful in our bodies when we’re young, and decreases as we age, particularly after the age of 40. This serum contains other skin-nourishing ingredients as well, like organic hibiscus flower extract, which is an antioxidant. It can be used morning and night.
  • Brightening serum is a daytime serum containing antioxidant-rich caffeine, mallow flower/leaf/stem extract, and lady’s mantle flower/leaf/stem extract. It’s a lightweight formula that evens skin tone and illuminates and energizes skin.
  • Refresh night serum with probiotics contains antioxidant-rich sea buckthorn berry fruit oil, CoQ10, and rose hip seed oil. This rich, luxurious serum helps repair and rejuvenate skin as you sleep.
  • Soothing serum helps reduce redness and calm irritations in a lightweight formula featuring antioxidant-rich vitamin e and melatonin. It’s best as part of your nighttime skin care routine.
  • Beauty booster helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles with the help of antioxidant-rich vitamin e, astragalus membranaceus root extract, organic hemp seed oil, organic pumpkin seed oil, sea buckthorn berry fruit extract, and raspberry seed oil. This rich oil formula should be applied as part of your nighttime routine.

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