Building non toxic lives & Easter Baskets

Hippity hoppity, Easter’s on its way (to a non toxic life).

As we all know, living a life 100% free of toxins seems like a no brainer. But getting rid of every single toxin in your lifestyle can be well, taxing and expensive. At Pure Haven we recommend doing so a little at a time. We suggest starting with things like household cleaners, skin care, shampoos, detergent, etc. But how do you then make sure your children still get all of the traditional mainstream items in their Easter Basket as their friends?  Pure Haven has come up with some organic and non traditional ideas for your Easter Baskets.

First, the basket. Make this a tradition and use the same basket every year. This idea is amazing, because for their entire childhood no waste is created and it is something look forward to every year when they see that basket come out! When picking out your baskets, stay away from the plastic! Choose something more eco friendly, like a wooden, wicker, or metal bucket option. Next comes the filler, steer clear of the plastic easter grass. Use something like shredded paper or natural moss to give your basket a true authentic look!

Now onto the good stuff, the FILLERS! Giving experiences as presents and treats is just as important, if not more so than an actual gift. Something you can do together and spend that quality time with family that we just can’t seem to ever have enough of. Easter is the perfect time to get outside & play. Keep an old egg carton and put that in your basket with seed packets (flowers, veggies, herbs), fun gardening gloves, maybe some sunglasses & a small metal watering can & BOOM instant family mini garden. Use the egg carton and fill each section up with dirt and seeds. Kids love having something to nurture and take care of and best of all if you plant veggies or herbs, they can say they helped with dinner prep all summer long.

A perfect idea for baskets is our own monster spray. Who doesn’t want to chase the monsters away at night with an all natural, non toxic spray that can soothe and ease the madness of bedtime? With hints of lavender, one spray is all it takes to chase the “monsters” away before bedtime. Perfect as pillow or linen spray. Not to mention, your Hero status will increase immensely!

Hoppy Easter non-toxic friends!


Pure Haven