5 ways to win at winter skin care

5 ways to win at winter skin care

Cold weather and windy days can wreak havoc on skin throughout the winter months, making it dry, itchy, and thoroughly uncomfortable. Being proactive is key to winning at winter skin care. Change up your daily skin care routine by making small changes, including introducing safe, effective, non toxic products, and reap the results.

Here are five ways to win at winter skin care:

  1. Avoid long, hot showers

Too-hot showers can dry out skin. Set your water temp to warm and keep your shower time to 10 minutes or less. Once you’re out, pat skin dry and apply body oil while skin is still damp or body butter.

  1. Prevent the rough and scalies

Cold weather dries out skin all over. Dream cream is great for moisturizing extremely dry spots from head to toe while foot therapy cream helps soften cracked heels and other rough skin spots on feet.

  1. Care for your complexion

Add hyaluronic acid and beauty booster to facial moisturizer for ultra-moisturization and add night serum to your nighttime routine to defend against the effects of winter weather by balancing and revitalizing your complexion.

  1. Protect your hands

Hands are often the first part of your body to indicate dry skin. It’s important to protect hands from the negative effects of cold, winter air by wearing gloves on chilly days to protect your hands. Help keep them soft and moisturized by using a hand soap that doesn’t strip skin or cause dryness and cracking. Follow with a hydrating hand cream with pre+probiotics and cuticle balm with probiotics on brittle nails.

  1. Wear sunscreen

Sunscreen is a necessity, not just in the summertime but all year long. Sunlight is the greatest source of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, the main cause of skin cancer. Even the UV light reflected off of snow can increase the risk of skin damage. Use a non toxic sunscreen with an spf of 15 or higher on exposed skin.

Ask your pure haven Consultant about these and other skin care and body products to help get you safely through the winter season with soft, supple skin. Reach out today to learn more!