5 ways to get a fresh start to the new year with master blaster

5 ways to get a fresh start to the new year with master blaster

Pure haven master blaster features a plant-based multi-enzyme formula along with baking soda and rosemary that works in minutes to break down tough stains and eliminate strong odors. It’s an amazing all-around household cleaner that’s safe for the entire family, including pets. Master blaster is a long-time Customer favorite that can help refresh your household for the new year and all year long!

This multi-tasking product is known for blasting away stains, eliminating odors, and refreshing fabrics. We asked Customers about other ways they use this non toxic power house and this is what they said:

  1. Baby and toddler laundry

Master blaster is a miracle worker when it comes to stain removal. We’ve heard amazing stories of red wine, chocolate, and even blood stains being lifted from a variety of fabrics on the spot. Many Customers keep master blaster in their laundry area for everyday washes. “Just finished spraying some baby explosions and toddler knees and sleeves! I can’t do laundry without master blaster!” says Jamie Lynn F.

  1. Pet stain picker-upper

We know that master blaster is an amazing stain lifter. Many of our Customers use it specifically for pet stains. Suzanne S. says, “My poor pup is 15 and has issues some days. It’s amazing on pet messes.”

Donna W. agrees, saying, “I used it to clean the flaps on our doggie door! The difference was AMAZING!”

And for those who have more than one fuzzy family member, have no fear. Sue S. says, “It worked beautifully on all the puppy bedding when we had a litter of 10 boxer pups.”

  1. Athletic gear de-stinking

Things can get pretty stinky when it comes to athletic gear. Use master blaster to blast away those odors on yours and your kids’ sports equipment. Amanda G. tells us, “I spray in soccer cleats and gym bags.”

  1. Grout cleaner

Nothing’s worse (or harder to clean) than dingy grout in your tiles. Jill C. uses master blaster to clean the grout in her shower. She says, “I cannot live without this product.”

  1. Cookware cleaner

Master blaster has such amazing cleaning power, Jill C. has even used master blaster on a dirty pot when it “needed some extra help.”

Kickstart the New Year with master blaster and be prepared for whatever messes 2020 dishes. Ask your pure haven Consultant for details.