How to Give Your Home a Non Toxic Clean for the Holidays and Every Day

How to Give Your Home a Non Toxic Clean for the Holidays and Every Day

Guests are coming for the holidays and you want to be sure every nook and cranny of your home are clean. Thankfully, gone are the days when clean means breathing in the smell of bleach and other toxic fumes. Choose non toxic cleaners for your home and give your family and friends the gift of a good, healthy sparkle for the holidays.


For every day, pure haven dishwasher detergent provides a true clean with natural enzymes and essential oils. For items washed by hand, our dish soap, enriched with organic lemon essential oil, works wonders. Give your kitchen a thorough cleaning with a combination of surface cleaner, safe for granite, tile, porcelain, and more, and glass cleaner, made with white vinegar and peppermint, to make windows and glass doors sparkle. When needed, scrubbing cleanser features a mild abrasive that makes quick work of kitchen countertops and sinks, while master blaster blasts away odors from garbage cans and disposals.


Surface cleaner easily cleans bathroom fixtures, counters, tile, porcelain, and more. With its mild abrasive, scrubbing cleanser is perfect for cleaning sinks, tub, and tile. For a streak-free clean on mirrors, shower doors, and windows, glass cleaner does the trick.

Living Room/Den/Bedrooms

Freshen fabrics and furniture in your living room, den, and bedrooms with master blaster, made with a unique combination of ingredients, including natural enzymes, baking soda, and rosemary. Master blaster is also great for blasting away stains before they set in. Laundry detergent cleans linens, blankets, and clothing while helping to minimize exposure to harmful ingredients even as you and your loved ones sleep. Our surface cleaner is safe for use on wood, making it great for wiping down coffee tables, end tables, and nightstands, as well as for cleaning hardwood floors and electronics.

Contact your pure haven Consultant today to learn more about the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family is exposed to only non toxic cleaners in your home during the holidays and every day.