5 Things to Avoid to Help Protect Your Pet Now and Throughout the Year

5 Things to Avoid to Help Protect Your Pet Now and Throughout the Year

Pet owners love their pets — sometimes more than they love people! And keeping them safe from harm is a top priority.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), to help keep your furry family members safe, avoid these four dangers:

  1. Food dangers 

Chocolate is toxic to both cats and dogs, as is anything sweetened with the artificial sweetener xylitol, so be sure to keep sweets and baked goods out of reach. Onions, raisins and grapes are also poisonous to pets. Table scraps from extra-rich foods can be especially fattening to pets, and turkey and turkey skin can cause pancreatitis in pets. Yeast dough can cause problems like painful gas and potentially dangerous bloating. If alcoholic drinks are ingested, pets could become weak, ill and may even go into a coma, possibly resulting in death from respiratory failure, so keep an eye on your drink!

  1. Decoration dangers 

Never leave pets alone with lit candles and unplug electric decorations, which can cause burns and electrical shock if pets decide to chew on them. Keep pets away from any leftover holiday plants like amaryllis, mistletoe, balsam, pine, cedar, and holly, which can be dangerous and even poisonous to them. During the rest of the year, various plants are poisonous to pets, including lily of the valley, sago palm, crocus, azalea bushes, daffodil bulbs, wisteria seeds, and more. And be sure to keep pets away from fertilizers, soil additives, and pesticides, too.

  1. Party dangers

If you’re hosting a party, be sure your pets have a quiet place they can retreat to, away from the commotion. Noisy poppers and fireworks can terrify pets and cause possible damage to sensitive ears. Ensure that your pet has a collar with proper identification and current contact information, and watch out for pets trying to sneak out as people are coming and going.

  1. Travel dangers

Planning to travel by car? Get your pet used to being in the car ahead of time. Use a secure harness or carrier, placed in a location clear of airbags. Of course, never leave your pets alone in the car in any weather. A block of ice is a great alternative to a water bowl, as it will help keep your pet hydrated while reducing spills. Interstate and international travel regulations require that you bring a health certificate from your veterinarian for any pet traveling with you.

Traveling by plane? Talk to your veterinarian first, since air travel can put some pets at risk, especially short-nosed dogs.

If you’re boarding your pet, talk with your veterinarian about how to protect your pet from contagious diseases.

And danger #5: toxic product dangers. You buy safe, effective products for yourself and your family, and your pet is part of the family, so choose non toxic pet products, too. Your best choices are those made with organic ingredients that won’t put your pets at risk for developing reactions and diseases. To learn about pure haven’s safe pet products, contact your pure haven Consultant today.



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