5 reasons to be crazy about coconut

5 reasons to be crazy about coconut

Coconut is one of the key ingredients in our limited release piña colada collection. The products in this collection contain organic coconut oil and coconut fruit extract.

You might automatically think we chose coconut as a key ingredient because it lends a lovely tropical scent to the products and yes, we do love the non toxic scent of fresh coconut. However, it’s less about the scent and more about what coconut can actually do for hair and skin.

Here are just five reasons why we’re crazy about coconut:

  1. Helps boost the moisture content of dry skin and improve skin’s health and appearance.
  2. Improves skin function, as it helps to prevent excessive water loss and protect from external factors, such as infectious agents, chemicals, and allergens.
  3. Protects against hair damage, deeply penetrating hair strands and making them more flexible and increasing their strength to prevent them from breaking under tension.
  4. Antioxidant-rich, which help neutralize damaging molecules called free radicals.
  5. Known to have antimicrobial and antifungal properties due to its high lauric acid content.

Try our piña colada shampoo and deep conditioning hair mask and coconut body oil, you’ll see what coconut can do for you. This popular collection is available through July 31, 2022, or while supplies last. Ask your Consultant for details about piña colada and our other safe, effective summertime must-haves today.


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