6 non toxic tools of the trade for summer hairstyling

6 non toxic tools of the trade for summer hairstyling

Summer weather can make hair hard to handle. Over-exposure to heat, humidity, saltwater, and chlorine can leave hair dried out, frizzy, limp and lifeless, and everything in between.

No need to go to extremes (looking at you, Brazilian blow out!). You can get the look you want without giving in to toxic hair styling and treatment trends. Shop pure haven for these six non toxic tools of the trade for summer hairstyling:

  1. dry shampoo – Use this hairstyling staple to absorb excess oil between washes as well as to texturize and lift. Tip: Instead of brushing through, tease hair after applying dry shampoo to roots.
  2. styling cream – This is a must-have for taming frizz and flyaways while providing volume and lift.
  3. moroccan argan oil – Super hydrating and highly concentrated, only a few drops or moroccan argan oil is all it takes to care for and tame dry, heat-damaged hair. Use on wet hair and allow to air dry and then on dry hair to help calm flyaways.
  4. supergreens detangler – Perfect as a leave-in conditioner, supergreens detangler is great for protecting hair from sun, salt, and chlorine. Use it to help eliminate tangles after showering and after breezy days at the beach.
  5. orange bergamot texturizing hair gel* – This limited release hair gel is perfect for molding and defining curls and waves, taming frizz and flyaways, and slicking back shorter hair, ponytails, and up-dos. Apply gel to wet or damp hair for texture and hold at the same time
  6. hair spray – Whether you’re going for loose curls or a sleek pony, once your ‘do is done, spray all over with hair spray to keep your style in place. Tip: Don’t like the way your style turned out? Hair spray can be easily brushed out.

Ask your Consultant for details about these and other summer must-haves today.

* Limited release orange bergamot texturizing hair gel is available May 1-31, 2022, or while supplies last.