why product hopping is bad for your complexion

why product hopping is bad for your complexion

Ever get sucked into one of those monthly skin care sample mailing memberships? So great, right? Except you’re paying for a service that will never get you the complexion results you want. Why? Because you’re constantly trying something new.

Depending on the product ingredients and the desired results, it can take about eight weeks for your skin to adjust to a new skin care product. In between, as your skin settles into a new routine, you could experience breakouts, dry spots, rashes, and other unwanted effects. It’s even harder to see results if you’re not using the new products daily.

Add in some typical life moments and new situations and your product hopping could be a recipe for disaster. Things like seasonal weather changes, hormonal shifts, and aging affect your skin in their own ways, which could counteract the good intentions of your skin care products.

Of course, it’s good to be open to new skin care technologies and the possibility that there may be products out there that are better formulated for your skin type. Just be ready to wait out the transition period to really give your new products a shot.

three tips for testing new skin care products:

  1. Introduce one new product into your routine at a time.
  2. Give each new product at least two weeks before introducing another one.
  3. Consider that there may be benefits associated with a product that aren’t evident on your skin. For instance, results or not, a non toxic product will help reduce your toxic body burden over time, so even switching out one product for a safer one is worth it.

Of course, should any severe irritation occur, be sure to check in with a dermatologist.

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(You won’t get that kind of guarantee with your skin care sample membership!)