what’s a sea salt spray and how to use it

what’s a sea salt spray and how to use it

Sea salt spray is a hair styling staple for creating stylish, beachy waves. It’s perfect for adding texture, body, volume, and hold. Sea salt spray will enhance your natural waves if you already have them and help create waves if you don’t.

Pure haven piña colada sea salt spray (available July 2020 or while supplies last) contains actual sea salt and activated charcoal, which help absorb oils, so it’s great for styling between washes. All-natural ingredients like nourishing fruit extracts help keep hair healthy.

Get the Look You Love

Sea salt spray is known for creating beachy waves, but it’s not an instant effect. You may still need to style your hair, either by twisting with your fingers or scrunching, etc.

Already have waves? For a relaxed, flexible style, spritz damp or dry hair with sea salt spray a few times, work it through with your fingers and you’re done.

Need to work a little harder to create waves? An easy way to do that is to saturate damp hair with sea salt spray and loosely braid or twist it. Let it air dry or blow dry it, then unravel your braids or twists and run fingers through to separate waves.

Want to loosen curling iron curls? If you’ve already used a curling iron and your curls are tighter than you had hoped, spritz with sea salt spray and run fingers through to separate and break the curls down into more natural-looking waves.

Have fine or thinning hair? Sea salt spray gives extra volume and the appearance of greater density. Try using dry shampoo before spritzing with sea salt spray to give your roots greater lift.

Going for a more sculpted and structured look? Spritz wet hair with sea salt spray right after washing, work it through from root to tip and style as usual. Sea salt spray gives hair hold without looking like it’s loaded with product.

Combine sea salt spray with any other hair care products you normally use to create a look that’s all your own. Experiment to see how different combinations of products work best for you. Just remember to start sparingly and add in layers of sea salt spray. You’ll get even more volume with successive applications.

Whatever you do, remember that toxic ingredients are never an option when it comes to hair care and styling. Contact your pure haven Consultant today to learn more about our assortment of non toxic products to help you achieve the look you’re going for.