Top 10 Tips for Snarl-Free Summer Hair

Top 10 Tips for Snarl-Free Summer Hair

We love summer! Unfortunately, summer doesn’t always love our hair.

A dip in the pool, a windswept boat ride, a day in the sun … Each one can lead to awful snarls.

Keep summer from distressing your tresses with these ten summer hair care and styling tips to help you handle snarls.

1.       Brush before you wash. Work in sections and start from the bottom of your hair, where the most knots and tangles are, and work your way up.

2.       Condition before you shampoo. Celebrity hairstylist Marc Mena told Today, “If your hair tends to get really tangled in the shower, put conditioner on the ends first and comb through with a wide-toothed comb. Leave the conditioner on the ends and then apply shampoo to just the scalp, and rinse out both the shampoo and conditioner together.”

3.       Use sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfate-free shampoos are often less harsh on hair, helping to prevent knots from forming in the first place.

4.       Be gentle. When shampooing, use your fingertips in a gentle motion to create a lather, working from your scalp down the hair shaft. Scrubbing the ends of your hair can cause tangles, as well as dryness that could lead to even more knots down the road.

5.       Detox your locks. Built-up products can cause tangles. Use a detox shampoo once a week to remove product buildup and make hair more manageable.

6.       Dry it right. Avoid rubbing and scrunching hair with a cotton towel. Instead, use your hands to squeeze excess water out of your hair and then dab gently with a microfiber towel or t-shirt to minimize friction with the hair shaft and absorb additional water.

7.       Hydrate your hair. Hair that’s easily tangled in knots may be screaming out for hydration. A styling cream will help replace lost moisture.

8.       Deep condition before swimming. Pool water is filled with chemicals that can dry out your hair. Apply a deep conditioner before going for a swim to combat those chemicals.

9.       Befriend braids and ballerina buns. Before taking a dip, put your hair in braids or ballerina buns to avoid knots. Stay away from messy buns when swimming. They’ll only mat your hair and make knots even more of a struggle.

10.   Prep for sleep. Put your hair in a loose ponytail on top of your head before hitting the pillow. Use cloth ponytail holders, which are less damaging to hair. You could also try sleeping on silk pillowcases, which are said to reduce frizz.

Ultimately, properly caring for your hair with safe, non toxic products will protect it from additional stress, and untangling will be a breeze. To learn more about how pure haven hair care products can help you keep your hair healthy, happy, and snarl-free this summer and all year long, connect with your pure haven Consultant today.



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